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Terms of Use, Conditions, and Limitation of License

This site is intended for adults and individuals who are old enough to take the examination to obtain a license or certificate to operate an unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes in their country. In the United States, individuals who are 14 or older may take the FAA Part 107 examination.

Except as heretofore stated, if you are a minor according to the laws of your country, then you may not access this site without your parent's or guardian's permission. The author will not be liable for any damages deriving from a minor's misrepresentation of their age.

This site does not provide instruction in the safe operation of manned or unmanned aircraft. It is intended as a guide to help visitors through the process of obtaining an FAA Part 107 certificate, including finding and obtaining training; but it expressly does provide that training.

By presenting information on this site, the copyright owner does not grant you a license to any copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, or other intellectual property rights other than the revocable right to view the site for your own personal use. Please note that any re-distribution of the copyrighted materials on this site, even for non-commercial purposes, requires that you obtain permission in advance.

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FAA Compliance

The author is the creator of all aerial pictures and videos that appear on this site, and holds FAA certification as a Remote Pilot with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems rating that qualifies him to do so.

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In general, you may link to pages of this Web site without advance permission, except as follows:

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Privacy Policy

This site does not collect any personally-identifiable information. You are free to browse any public area of this site without providing any personal information whatsoever. The author will not share the personally-identifiable information that he doesn't collect with anyone because he doesn't have it to share even if he wanted to.

As is true of Web servers in general, this site's server collects anonymous statistical information about the machines that visit the site such as their IP addresses (necessary for the server to know where to send the requested content), where the machines are located, what operating and systems and browsers are being used, and which pages are most popular. None of this information includes any personally-identifiable user information such as the users' names, address, or email addresses.

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