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Suggestions for New Drone Pilots
Get Part 107 Training at Pilot Institute
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Useful Drone Links

Useful FAA Links

(Primarily helpful to drone pilots operating in the United States)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

FAA Drone Zone

UAS Facility Maps

FAA Remote Pilot Study Guide. (PDF download.)

FAA Sectional Charts in Digital Formats for the entire United States, free and downloadable

FAA Aeronautical Chart Users' Guide

Drone Training and Part 107 Test Preparation

Drone Flying 101. A good place to start if you're new to drones.

Drone Maneuvers Mastery. Going beyond the basics to advanced drone flying.

Pilot Institute Part 107 Course. Where I completed my Part 107 training. Highly recommended.

Drone Business Made Easy. How to make money with your drone.

Part 107 and Public Safety COA Course. Specialized training for first responders using drones in life-saving missions.

Pilot Institute TRUST Course. For recreational operators. Free and with no strings attached.

Pilot Institute YouTube Channel. Greg is passionate about aviation in general and UAS in particular. Check it out.

Part 107 Training Materials on Amazon. Useful for self-study or to supplement a formal training course.

Dave Grenier's YouTube Channel. Well-done videos about drone-related topics and FAA test preparation.


r/drones. Subreddit for all things drone-related, both professional and recreational. International.

r/Part107. Subreddit for Part 107-certificated pilots in the United States and those preparing for the certification examination.

Flyers Forum. Friendly general aviation forum that welcomes drone pilots.

Explorness. Landscape photography forum that welcomes drone pilots and aerial photographs.

Drone Pilot Swag on Amazon

Fluorescent Drone Pilot Vests. Recommended by FAA to be worn while operating in public areas.

Anti-Collision Lights for Drones. Required for night operations.

Drone Pilot Log Books. Keep track of your flights and hours.

Drone pilot apparel. Dress the part!

Revised April 11, 2023.

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